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So far the church has consisted of a couple of meetings, with one sermon and a lot of conversation. Nice enough, but nothing special.

If we want this to take off, if we want it to really fly, we have to look at how to give the Gatherings a bit more zing. Now, I don’t want to be the only one doing this, because (a) I don’t think I’m great at it and (b) the whole point of the church is to be a community. Ways of doing things need to emerge organically.

So I want you to be thinking about what kind of celebrations we should be having. Readings? If so, what sort? Sermons, perhaps, and music. I’m a big fan of liturgy and ritual, but I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I think we can get a lot of psychological leverage from litanies and responses (“May the Lord light up your hearts!” “And up yours!”. That kind of thing). I’d be opposed to dance and theatre, I think, but some sort of regular components would be nice. Have a look, too, at the post on Sacraments.

At some (I hope not too distant) time, I’d like to imagine that we could offer weddings and funerals. But we have to walk before we can dance.

Right. Over to you. There’s a reply form below. Use it. Come up with suggestions, objections, reservations, questions, vigorous denunciations and rebuttals. share this page with friends that you think might be interested, and ask them to throw themselves into the fray.

Let’s get this discussion going.

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