An Epicurean Church? What’s that?

It’s a church that teaches Epicurean Humanism – see A Gentle Introduction for more about that.

It’s a community that draws on Epicurean philosophy, and Stoic philosophy, and on the scientific study of human well-being, and on the psychological understanding of healthy and unhealthy mental states.

It’s a church that – through charitable activity, and study groups, and regular services, and all the other things that churches do – promotes goodness and community without needing to mention God.

Following the lead of Alain de Botton and Daniel Dennett, we want to create a real religion for atheists. Why should God have all the best tunes? From pastoral care to choral singing, from social activism to Thought For The Day, theists have created an illusion that they have the monopoly. We believe that a genuinely atheist, skeptical, humanist spirituality can be created on the foundations of Epicurean and Stoic philosophy.

This is not an attempt to co-opt the whole of atheism to this cause; just as there are a thousand ways to be a theist, so there should be a thousand ways to be an atheist – of which we hope this can become one. If you’re interested in the vision, come along!

Where will I find an Epicurean Church? Right now? Nowhere. A small group of us in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, are getting together to create the first one. You can find us on Facebook (Barnsley Atheist Church) and at Meetup.com (Barnsley Atheist Church). If you want to join us, or just make contact, use the form below. If you want to make a publicly visible comment, use the reply box at the bottom.

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